I'm happy to announce that I have partnered with an amazing publisher to create my first photography book, Growing Up Travelling. I'm planning a beautiful black and white coffee table book. This book is based off the beauty I emerged myself in with my travels to Ireland, specifically the Irish Traveller children. I'm quite excited and proud of what's to come, this is a project I have been passionate about for many years now and cannot wait for you guys to be able to take it home with you. It is currently in the final design process at the publishing house in Europe and is scheduled for a Spring worldwide release. The book will retail for $50.00 USD plus shipping.

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Delivery date Spring 2020

I have spent my entire career photographing children all over the world. The last five years I have focused my eyes on the Irish Traveller that live in caravans on the side of the road or in open fields throughout Ireland. The Traveller community are an Irish nomadic indigenous ethnic minority. This is lost to history but Travellers have been recorded to exist in Ireland as far back as history is recorded. Even with their great history they live as outsiders to society and face unbelievable racism growing up. As a mother of two daughters I became so interested in the culture and traditions and lives of these children. Unlike most children they are unable to refer to a history book to learn about their ancestors, a part of this journey was being able to document an era that is so different to any other I have shot. It is one that is and will always be rapidly changing, The experience I had photographing the grit and beauty, that is the everyday life of a Traveller child, is one that inspires me everyday. When I visit these families, I’m not just a photographer, I try my best to become a part of these communities. As a mother of two young women, i know how to talk to children and parents. Being a mom greatly benefits my work, it is because this that for the moments in time I am able to be with them, I see these young kids through their mothers eyes. I feel this great responsibility as an artist and a woman to show these kids in their own worlds being themselves. It is with an honest heart I hope to show that these beautiful children who have great hopes and goals and work everyday to reach their dreams no matter how hard they have to fight racisms and stereotypes placed on them for centuries. A child is an innocent, happy, precious part of the world that should be loved and accepted and encouraged no matter where or how they live.



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