I remember when my mom gave me her favorite childhood doll when I was in high school and it followed me thru college and my travels and into my life as a adult, always sitting on a shelf looking at me. It always gave me a fond feeling of my mom as a kid playing dollies. When I got married my husband stuck his Ted on a shelf from his childhood. I thought how sweet it was my wonderful husband played with this old teddy when he was a small boy. I found a strong attraction to old dolls and what child played with them, how many children loved that old 1930's Kewpie before it found itself at the antique market with a price tag. I look into their faces and imagine who loved them, a little energetic French boy dragging him thru the streets of Paris, a little sad orphan in Texas, a rich girl from New York maybe told her doll all her feelings over her parent's divorce, a little toddlers salvaged treasure from a fire, maybe the only friend a little lonely child once had. I love looking at their faces and wondering where they have been.