I embarked on this project 2 years ago to shoot my daughter and her friends once a month in a different time period. I spent a month between shoots looking for era clothing a that would fit ten year old girls and a fun place to shoot. I let the girls play and explore and just be themselves and I followed them around taking photos. I had no aim, but was hoping over the year I would find some common ground in the photos. As I poured over hundreds of photos, laughter, craziness, tears... the common thread that was most clear to me was how easily and quickly these wonderful four friends found themselves teaming up, pairing off, fighting, making up, switching teams, and always finding their way back to each girl. I decided to call my project "Gossip" as that seemed to stand out to me the most in their ten year old ways of being together. My daughter is twelve now. The project was the time of their lives and they all still talk about the great adventure they had together. Some of them are still friends. Some of them are no longer friends. Not because of the project at all, but truly because of gossip.